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Welcome to ChurchWorld Provocateur. To get a feel for the site, may I recommend that you read About CP. Below are several categories of articles to help you navigate the site.

My aim is to interact with the present institutional church, which we refer to as ChurchWorld, and push back on some of the theology in which these churches operate.

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Before you go, I hope that you look at the “Leadership Articles,” in which I discuss whether leadership is a function or an office and its possible effects on how the church presently operates. At the bottom of each article you can begin or enter into a conversation about the contents.

I hope you find the site entertaining and challenging.

For Reading and Conversation

An Introduction to ChurchWorld Provocateur

Learn about the purpose of this site.

Leadership Articles

“…we need to stop looking for leaders and start looking for leadership.” —Jim Henderson


The development of Christendom from the time of Constantine forward has given propriety to a model for the ChurchWorld in which there is a leader who is responsible for leading a local expression of Jesus followers. These leaders are often called by various names: priest, pastor, senior pastor, lead pastor, etc. Now that we live in a post-Christendom society, this series of articles explores the present issue of a one person pastor in smaller churches and a one person pastor with staff in larger churches. These articles push back on the notion that how churches are managed today has some, little, or no basis in the storyline of the New Testament. Two questions that we might give attention to is: Are today’s churches formed by the influence of a different story than the story presented in Luke’s historical book called Acts and Paul’s writings? How should they be formed?

As you read these articles ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is the present day structure of the church in terms of leadership a boon or a bust, a hindrance or a help?
  2. If you are part of the “done” society, i.e., done with the present system of the church, what can you do about the present structure?

Miscellaneous Articles

Articles about various topics.

The Church As Empire

Coming Soon
Does the Contemporary Church (ChurchWorld) Mirror Old Testament Empires such as Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persian?


It is our great hope that you would enter into a conversation over the thoughts presented on this site. Read the Guidelines and converse away.

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